IP Holding Company Support

If properly maintained and exploited, Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) such as Trademarks, Designs, software and know-how can generate valuable revenue which can, in turn, be exposed to significant tax liability.

The placing of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) within an intellectual property holding company (IPHC) incorporated in a low tax jurisdiction can help to greatly reduce corporate tax liability, enhance and improve better management and enforcement of a Soft IP portfolio. Ireland offers some of the most attractive tax incentives in the European Union to IPHCs.

Tierney IP provides advice and assistance to the holders of IPRs wishing to run and manage their rights through an Irish based IPHC. Tierney IP can:

  • Assist and advise in the location, incorporation and management of an IPHC within Ireland
  • Provide IPHC corporate governance advice and assistance
  • Provide advice and assistance in creating, developing and managing an Irish based Intellectual Property management team
  • Provide strategic advice and help to manage an IP portfolio within an IPHC
  • Assist and advise on the creation and transfer of Intellectual Property Rights to an IPHC
  • Assist and advise on the licensing of Intellectual Property Rights between an IPHC and parent company and non-related companies
  • Assist and advise on the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights owned by the IPHC
  • Secure advice on the taxation of IPHCs

Niall has in the past worked as an advisor for an Intellectual Property Holding company based in a low tax jurisdiction; so has first hand experience of the opportunities and challenges an Intellectual Property Holding company can bring to your business.

By relying on Niall’s expertise and experience, you can be assured that your valuable Intellectual Property rights will be placed and managed in an efficient, compliant and tax friendly Irish IP holding company.